Time StampDateTitleSectorTypeRegionPrice
1530662400July 4, 2018Supply, Installation and Commissioning of HVAC SystemPublic SectorRFPON
1529971200June 26, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _BeefPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1529971200June 26, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Butter and MargarinePublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1529971200June 26, 2018RFSA -Exhibit Design – Parks Canada – NationalPublic SectorRFSACornwall, ON
1529971200June 26, 2018Doc1333621938 – EA Software EngagementPublic SectorRFPON
1529280000June 18, 2018RFP – Curve Lake Water Treatment System Consulting Engineering ServicesPublic SectorRFPCurve Lake, ON
1527120000May 24, 2018IT Technical Support Services – Request for ProposalsPublic SectorRFPON
1527033600May 23, 2018RFSA -Exhibit Design – Parks Canada – NationalPublic SectorRFSACornwall, ON
1527033600May 23, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Fresh FruitPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1525996800May 11, 2018RFP – Vegetation Management ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1525305600May 3, 2018Buffet and Catering ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1525132800May 1, 2018Anishinabek Educational Institute – Updating and Development Of Anishinabek Educational Institute’s Operational GuidelinesPublic SectorRFPON
1523836800April 16, 2018Request for Proposals – Curve Lake First Nation Design BuildPublic SectorRFPON
1523836800April 16, 2018Organizational Services Review RFP: HR, Finance & Communication StrategyPublic SectorRFPThorold, ON
1523491200April 12, 2018Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is Seeking Proposals from Consultants with Expertise in Public Administration, Economics and FinancePublic SectorRFP
1523318400April 10, 2018Electoral Officer TenderPublic SectorRFPON
1523318400April 10, 2018RFP – Métis Nation of Ontario ESC Support and OrientationPublic SectorRFPON
1522627200April 2, 2018CCAB Audited Financial Statement – Auditor Request for ProposalsPublic SectorACAN
1522195200March 28, 2018RFP MNO Youth ProgrammingPublic SectorACAN
1521590400March 21, 2018Doc1260530275 Supply of ForkliftPublic SectorRFPON
1521417600March 19, 2018Instrument Transformers RFPPublic SectorRFPON
1520812800March 12, 2018Request for Proposal First Nations Regional Survey ManagementPublic SectorRFPON
1519776000February 28, 2018RFP – Landscaping Martindale TSPrivate SectorRFPON
1519689600February 27, 2018Request for Proposals – Business Plan ConsultantPublic SectorRFPON
1519603200February 26, 2018RFP – Supply of Rubber-tired Loader BackhoePublic SectorRFPON
1519603200February 26, 2018RFP – Review of the Health and Family Services DepartmentPublic SectorRFPON
1518048000February 8, 2018Media MonitoringPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1518048000February 8, 2018Software Licensing Supply ArrangementPublic SectorNPPiyonambaza (SMS div), Ontario
1518048000February 8, 2018Social Media MonitoringPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1516838400January 25, 2018Request for Proposals Testing Remoteness Calculations for First Nations EducationPublic SectorRFPON
1516665600January 23, 2018Supply of Two-man cab Tracked Carrier with a flat deck (optional dump box), GVWR approximately 24,000 lbs.Private SectorRFPON
1515024000January 4, 2018DND Food Quality Spec_PoultryPublic SectorRFICAN
1515024000January 4, 2018Board of Investigation ResourcesPublic SectorRFSACAN
1515024000January 4, 2018Request for Proposals Matawa First Nations Education Authority Curriculum Development ProcessPublic SectorRFPON
1515024000January 4, 2018Department of National Defence – Road Transportation Source ListPublic SectorRFQOttawa, ON
1482105600December 19, 2016NAFC Request for Proposals for work related to: The Aboriginal Youth Council – Youth Leadership Development ToolPublic SectorRFPON
1482105600December 19, 2016NAFC Request for Proposals for work related to: The Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network – Social Innovation and ReconciliationPublic SectorRFPON
1434585600June 18, 2015Apatite Fission TrackPublic SectorACANQC
1434585600June 18, 2015Freestanding FurniturePublic SectorNPPCAN
1433376000June 4, 2015Board of Investigation (BOI) ResourcesPublic SectorRFSACAN
1433376000June 4, 2015Printing Logbooks and Combined Forms for Fisheries and Oceans CanadaPublic SectorRFICAN
1433289600June 3, 2015AANDC Claims Processing ServicesPublic SectorNPPON
1433289600June 3, 2015Intermediate, Human Resources ConsultantPublic SectorNPPCAN
1433289600June 3, 2015Intermediate, Human Resources ConsultantPublic SectorNPPCAN
1433289600June 3, 2015Health Information and Claims Processing ServicesPublic SectorLOICAN
1428364800April 7, 2015Translation ServicesPublic SectorRFSOCAN

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