Snr Relationship Manager – Business Banking – Mississauga : 00008KAA

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Snr Relationship Manager – Business Banking – Mississauga : 00008KAA

Job Information
Author pmnationtalk
Date December 15, 2016
Type Full Time
Company HSBC Bank Canada
Location Mississauga, ON
Category Business / Management
Client HSBC Bank Canada
Contact Information
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Snr Relationship Manager – Business Banking – Mississauga : 00008KAA

Employment Type: Regular

The jobholder is expected to deliver an exceptional needs based relationship management service to high value international customers and prospective international customers, supporting the bank’s long-term strategy to become the Leading International Trade and Business Bank. The jobholder will acquire, retain and grow portfolio of international customers profitably by identifying and meeting their needs.

The jobholder is also expected to act as a champion on international products, services and Bank’s cross border capabilities.
Impact on the Business

  • Act as Relationship Manager by offering value-added advice and guidance to customers and placing their needs at the forefront of all that we do, setting world class standards
  • Grow sustainable revenues from existing customer portfolio and through targeted acquisition of quality new-to-bank international customers
  • Build a network of business introducers in the local professional and business community
  • Champion international business in accordance with the Global IRM principles and promote HSBC as the bank of choice for international SMEs
  • Generate new-to-bank business through proactive management of shadow portfolios
  • Increase profitability, relationship depth while minimizing risk.
  • Work with product partners (such as PCM, Trade, Insurance) to assess needs of international and domestic customers and offer appropriate solutions.
  • Generate cross country referrals facilitated via Global Links and local or overseas IBC, whichever appropriate.
  • Generate quality assets through the use of appropriate risk management tools, price appropriately for risk and ensure superior returns within risk appetite
  • Structure credit facilities to ensure optimum balance between customer and HSBC interests while remaining within the bounds of prudent banking
  • Offer proactive, value added serviceto existing international customers and international prospects
  • Keep up-to-date on knowledge of HSBC’s international strategy, capabilities and policies.
  • Keep abreast of external factors influencing international business e.g. economic, cultural, geographical, procedural and regulatory requirements.
  • Align to MTO and Area Operating Targets defined by the Group (Revenue , RWA, RoRWA).

Customers / Stakeholders

  • Put customers first in all that we do and develop/increase connectivity
  • Own customer engagement; ensure service excellence at all times, for all aspects of any customer, prospect or professional’s interaction with HSBC.
  • Work in partnership with colleagues across the HSBC network to deliver exceptional standards and quality of service.
  • Take a proactive approach to client planning collaborating effectively with products partners and colleauges to assess customer needs and delivering appropropriate solutions.
  • Optimise the potential value and profitability of existing international relationships by assisting in the delivery of solutions, products and services appropriate to the customer need and to improve customer engagement.
  • Ensure identification of early warning signs and problem relationships and proper action to be taken on potential and existing problem accounts to protect HSBC interests
  • Establish an effective dialogue/working relationship with Risk
  • Management teams in order to build a sustainable asset growth.
  • Be an ambassador for HSBC and develop the bank’s profile in the local ‘International Business’ community, by participating in internal and external business events, road shows and seminars as required by the business
  • Ensure fairness in all aspects of product delivery, sales processes, customer correspondence and complaint handling.
  • In conjunction with management, establish strong relationships with HSBC international customers/prospects and business professionals, including Trade bodies and any other international related organisations.

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Inspire and motivate junior colleagues to ensure a seamless relationship management service is delivered to a portfolio of international and internationally aspirant relationships.
  • Live the Group Values.
  • Act as an ambassador for the team and contribute fully to its development, effectiveness and success.
  • Support new and existing colleagues promoting and contributing to an engagement culture.
  • Proactively share knowledge, experiences and best practices on international matters with other RMs.
  • Maintain excellent communication with Group colleagues to ensure a joined up approach to identifying and capturing cross border opportunities.
  • Provide active feedback to seniors on process, operations, risks etc and make recommendation as to how these can be changed to secure the customer and the bank.
  • Promote an environment that supports diversity and reflects the HSBC brand.

Operational Effectiveness & Control

  • Adhere to structures and processes in place for the management of credit, operational, reputation and regulatory risk.
  • Complete, timely, and in-depth evaluations or reviews of financial and operating risks for all credit facilities, in order to ensure usage is in accordance with approved terms and conditions.
  • Ensure credit and operational quality is not compromised in the pursuit of income
  • Ensure operational losses and fraud are minimised
  • Respond within agreed timelines to issues raised by audit and external regulators.
  • Ensure timely and accurate maintenance of customer information, including KYC requirements in Group systems
  • Resolve any/all identified issues promptly, and escalate concerns to management as appropriate to ensure timely awareness of any material concerns.
  • Maintain awareness of operational risk within assigned portfolio and minimise the likelihood of it occurring including its identification, assessment, mitigation and control, loss identification and reporting.
  • Protect sensitive customer and bank data by ensuring documents, computers, files, and all confidential matters are appropriately handled as set forth by policy.
  • Maintain and observe all HSBC control standards and implement and observe the Group Compliance Policy, including the timely implementation of recommendations made by internal/external auditors and external regulators.
  • Ensure all sales and prospecting activity documentation is complete to provide performance tracking and targeting future sales efforts.
  • Compliance with and management of sales suitability risks and requirements
  • Ensure all completed sales and prospecting activity documentation is appropriately completed, approved and stored to provide performance tracking, targeted future sales efforts and compliance with sales and transactional suitability guidelines and requirements
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of and effectively identify and manage applicable money laundering (ML), terrorist financing (TF), sanctions and reputational risks.
  • Complete other responsibilities, as assigned.

Major Challenges

  • This is a new role within the Business Banking segment of CMB, in line with the Group Strategy and Global MTO and therefore creates a number of opportunities as well as challenges in a competitive environment. Major challenges are as follows:
  • Manage and grow existing portfolio of international customers whilst seeking to drive new-to-bank business.
    Seek to exceed customer expectations in delivery of international products & services.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to junior and other RMs on international matters and HSBC’s capabilities locally and globally.
  • Achieve RoRWA and RoE in line with Group guidelines while effectively managing credit and other risks.
  • Maximise international opportunities by developing connectivity with internal stakeholders such as product partners, other IRMs in-country and overseas as well as external professional stakeholders such as accountants or trade organisations.

Role Context

  • CMB is a relationship business, at the heart of the Group’s strategy to be the Leading International Bank and is positioned as the Leading International Trade and Business Bank. Business Banking within CMB will increasingly be driven with a clear international orientation, achieving a superior return and growth rate from international SMEs.
  • Against an increasingly competitive backdrop, the Business Banking segment of CMB seeks to grow Net Income, through the acquisition of quality new-to-bank international customers, the retention of quality customers and by improving the average return and profitability of the portfolio.
  • It is known that customers who generate international product income streams are, on average, three times more valuable to the bank than those customers with a purely domestic product income stream.
  • As per the Group’s strategic objective of becoming the Leading International Bank, which builds on our global network, recognises the increasing globalisation of the world’s economy and the increased value of international customers. Our Group capabilities, coupled with our understanding of local markets and cultures worldwide, help us deliver innovative solutions to our internationally minded clients.
  • The ‘International’ banking space is extremely competitive; competition not only includes local high street clearing banks, but also some large international banks. At present all competitors are only focussed on the provision of products rather than providing a consultancy ‘How to’ support service.
    International Relationship Managers will work closely with their customers to ensure HSBC is the ‘Leading International Bank’ by providing an exemplary needs-based relationship management service. The jobholder will also proactively look for new-to-bank high value international prospect customers, showing genuine conviction in the value that HSBC can bring to their business. Relationship building with existing and prospect customers to advance sales opportunities locally and globally, achieved by working closely with relevant internal and external stakeholders.
  • The jobholder will be a key member of the team and will have a portfolio of growing and dynamic international businesses which will make a substantial contribution to the profits of the Area. In conjunction with management, the jobholder will be expected to impart their international knowledge to other members of the Business Area team to ensure the creation and maintenance of an international business culture in their local market

Management of Risk

  • Ensure compliance of both general and anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (AML/ATF) compliance controls as well as operational risk controls in accordance with HSBC or regulatory standards and policies; and optimize relations with regulators by addressing any issues.
  • The jobholder will ensure the fair treatment of our customers is at the heart of everything we do, both personally and as an organisation.
  • The jobholder will also continually reassess the operational risks associated with the role and inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices, management restructurings, and the impact of new technology. Additionally they will ensure they effectively manage sales suitability, money laundering, counter terrorist financing, fraud, and reputational risk.
  • This will be achieved by ensuring all actions take account of the likelihood of operational risk occurring. Also by addressing any areas of concern in conjunction with line management and/or the appropriate department.

Observation of Internal Controls

  • Maintains HSBC internal control standards, including timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators.
  • The jobholder will adhere to and be able to demonstrate adherence to internal controls. This will be achieved by following relevant procedures, keeping appropriate records and, where appropriate, by the timely implementation of internal and external audit points, including issues raised by external regulators.
  • The jobholder will implement the Group compliance policy by containing compliance risk in liaison with Global Head of Compliance, Global Compliance Officer, Area Compliance Officer or Local Compliance Officer. The term ‘compliance’ embraces all relevant financial services laws, rules and codes with which the business has to comply.


  • Total experience of 5-7 years of which min. 3 years in
  • Relationship Management.
  • Proven ability in identifying and meeting customer needs through a broad range of international products and services.
  • Strong credit assessment skills, particularly with regard to more complex and structured facilities with an international dimension.
  • Good understanding of the international business trade cycle, forex tranactions and the business processes involved when importing and exporting and ability to apply structured bank solutions to match those needs.
  • Good level of business acumen and international commercial awareness, including economic, cultural, procedural and regulatory issues.


  • Balanced approach to risk management including techniques to mitigate risk.
  • Strong knowledge of CMB’s international proposition / product capabilities.
  • Broad knowledge of HSBC Group capabilities.
  • Ability to interact with all levels of business customers.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to interact and build relationships with internal and external stakeholders inc.HSBC overseas offices and local professional community.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in guiding and advising other RMs, and influencing peers and junior colleagues.
  • Ability to effectively plan and organise, with tenacity to drive through results.
  • Excellent communication skills, including written, verbal, and the ability to deliver compelling presentations.
  • Qualification to a University Degree and/or training courses.

Core Capabilities:

Customer Focus – Level D – Champions the development and delivery of initiatives to deliver outstanding customer service and improve customer advocacy
Proactively leads research into external markets and competitors to identify and share ways to differentiate and deliver value to our customers in line with HSBC strategy
Promotes the most appropriate and sustainable solution for our customers even when this may not be the most profitable short term solution for HSBC
Deepens customer insight by gathering information from many sources and uses it to shape HSBC’s approach to our customers

Managing Risk Responsibly – Level C – Establishes and operates control procedures to ensure the effective monitoring and reporting of risk and compliance on a continuing basis
Anticipates risks and ensures appropriate steps are taken to mitigate and/or manage them
Takes swift and decisive action to address risk or compliance issues and minimise damage or loss to customers and the bank, ensuring learning is captured and applied to prevent future occurrences Embeds efficient risk and compliance tools, techniques and procedures into normal working practices so that service and performance are not compromised

Driving Sustainable Growth – Level B – Identifies and acts on opportunities to improve efficiency and grow revenue in a sustainable way.
Makes considered decisions and presents clear, factual and coherent recommendations to others, based on analysis and assessment of potential benefits and implications.
Adapts readily to change and helps others to understand the why, what and how of change, motivating them to contribute effectively.
Suggests and welcomes different perspectives as a way of understanding situations, solving problems and meeting colleague, customer or business needs.

Achieving Excellence – Level C – Keeps the focus on medium and long term goals even when under pressure or in times of uncertainty
Establishes personal credibility by managing expectations, results and impact of agreed outcomes and thinks ahead to identify potential risks to delivery and deals with them proactively
Looks for ways to improve process/system efficiency and resource allocation and/or minimise conflict, waste and duplication
Keeps up-to-date with external best practice and communicates and applies this internally to drive improved performance

Role Specific Capabilities:

Understanding Markets and Customers – Level C – Knows and understands the local and/or international financial services industry in commercial, socio-economic and political terms
Analyses and interprets the changing external regulatory framework for their business segment
Analyses, understands, interprets and communicates what is happening in the marketplace across their customers and business segments
Uses their knowledge of their customers and the marketplace to achieve their targets and HSBC’s goals and help others do the same

Strengthening Customer Relationships – Level D – Uses their rapport building expertise and appropriate influencing skills to add additional value to their customers’ business and/or portfolio beyond the initial scope, and further increase customer advocacy
Establishes and builds sustainable relationships with commercially important global and/or high value customers, appropriately tailoring their style and approach to each customer
Consistently demonstrates knowledge and sensitivity to the realities of their customers’ situations, fully understanding their unspoken agendas and concerns and offering appropriate, timely solutions beyond the initial scope
Anticipates, prepares for and manages complex customer concerns and objections or strategic changes, preparing thoughtfully to address and clarify all areas of concern

Finding and Developing Business (including growing revenue) – Level C – Shows insight and judgement in their ability to identify, target and influence long-term opportunities, new customers and/or key decision makers and builds plans to enable delivery against customer requirements
Uses detailed understanding of products and services to identify and/or create complex solutions to meet customer’s needs.
Uses a selection of sales techniques to identify, counter and resolve objections and uses a range of influencing skills in order to achieve closure of the deal and achieve personal targets, whilst knowing when to compromise to gain the most equitable solution without damaging future relationships
Manages, tracks and closes complex or large sales that may cover multiple products/services within agreed timescales, using judgement to know when to influence key decision makers to achieve timely closure of deals.

Uses a selection of sales techniques to identify, counter and resolve objections and uses a range of influencing skills in order to achieve closure of the deal and achieve personal targets, whilst knowing when to compromise to gain the most equitable solution without damaging future relationships
Manages, tracks and closes complex or large sales that may cover multiple products/services within agreed timescales, using judgement to know when to influence key decision makers to achieve timely closure of deals.

Maximising International Opportunities – Level C – Takes responsibility for ensuring that cross-border referrals are successfully concluded and the requirements of internationally focused customers are met by collaborating with others to resolve complex issues, and by sharing best practice with others
Focuses on building a network across the bank and knows who to go to (either in country or overseas) in order to gain help, advice and knowledge regarding processes and procedures to ensure we meet customers’ expectations
Manages international customers that may also have credit requirements in multiple markets and/or internationally focused customers with complex credit requirements, and has a full understanding of the appropriate policies and procedures
Willingly adapts to varied cultural situations, both in person and virtually through the use of technology

Understanding Products and Propositions – Level C – Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a broad range of complex customer propositions, services and products
Applies their knowledge and insight of products and propositions and their customers to offer and/or build the most appropriate solutions to meet complex national and/or international customer needs
Collaborates with colleagues across the business to share knowledge, ideas and best practice
Is able to contribute to proposition and product design and development

Using Business Processes and Systems – Level C – Knows and understands a wide range of end-to-end business processes and how they work together to drive business performance
Knows about and understands how various systems operate and connect to one another and uses them to provide management information and support decision making
Takes a pro-active approach to identifying, sharing and implementing best practice across the business and to identify and highlight process improvements needed to increase productively and efficiency on an end-to-end basis
Engages with colleagues to identify and resolve system issues, improve system performance and develop and implement appropriate controls to ensure compliance with system and security requirements
Effectively uses Global Links system for all cross border referrals as per existing guidelines

Managing Credit – Level C – Understands, applies and/or complies with detailed credit risk monitoring and control requirements relevant for their area
Deals effectively with customers to obtain and understand information about their personal financial situation / arrangements and/or businesses (structure, accountabilities, competitive positioning, etc)
Understands potentially complex business data and makes clearly reasoned judgemental lending decisions (within defined authority limits) or recommendations for formal approval
Anticipates credit risks and ensures the necessary actions and responsibilities are in place to mitigate them

Job Field : Commercial Banking
Primary Location : North America-Canada-Ontario-Mississauga
Schedule : Full-time Shift : Day Job
Type of Vacancy : Country vacancy
Job Posting : 15-Dec-2016, 15:08:00 Unposting Date : 20-Dec-2016, 02:59:00

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