46% of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action are either “Not Started” or “Stalled”. Why?

46% of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action are either “Not Started” or “Stalled”. Why?

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46% of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action
are either “Not Started” or “Stalled”.  Why?

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Indigenous Watchdog is dedicated to monitoring and reporting on what is happening across the country with all 94 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action. As of August 17, 2020 the status of 43 specific Calls to Action is either “Not Started” or “Stalled”. To answer the question “Why?”, we track and present evidence through an Indigenous lens that is transparent, objective and independent.

Indigenous Watchdog is a federally regulated non-profit whose core mission is to keep its readers informed on the state of reconciliation in Canada by maintaining visibility into all the actions by the various stakeholder groups who have a vested interest in the outcomes identified by the TRC: Who is accountable? What have they done? Are they advancing reconciliation or not? If not, why?

The overarching design principle is to keep things simple by organizing the content primarily around three main categories:

  1. Call to Action Themes: Child Welfare, Education, Language and Culture, Health, Justice etc.
  2. Stakeholders: All levels of Government (Federal, Provincial, Territory and Municipal), Churches, Associations, Organizations, Business, Universities etc.
  3. Indigenous groups: differentiate between First Nations, Métis and Inuit wherever possible

Each of the Calls to Action is assigned a current status based on what each stakeholder is doing: it’s either In Progress, Complete, Not Started or Stalled. Indigenous Watchdog also publishes commentary on underlying problems raised by stakeholder actions i.e. government, police etc. The intent is to help broaden awareness on Indigenous issues by informing and educating users on the challenges Indigenous people face with entrenched colonial structures and attitudes that preserve and perpetuate the existing status quo.

The broader question is “What is the current reality in Indigenous communities – more than five years after the TRC released their Summary Report in June, 2015? And equally important, what is the mechanism to maintain accountability for each of the stakeholders – especially all levels of government – to do what was previously recommended by the Wahburg Report (1971), Penner Report (1983), The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (1996), the Kelowna Accord (2005). They were all distributed widely and ultimately ignored.

Let’s not let the same thing happen to the TRC.

For more information contact:

Douglas Sinclair, Executive Director
Indigenous Watchdog
Ph: 1-416-367-3613
Email: [email protected]

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