Request for Proposal – RFP #2018-02 – Establishment of an Indigenous Consultant

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Request for Proposal – RFP #2018-02 – Establishment of an Indigenous Consultant

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Name Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton
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Mess Request for Proposal - RFP #2018-02 - Establishment of an Indigenous Consultant
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The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton
Request for Proposal
RFP #2018-02
Establishment of an Indigenous Consultant

Issue Date: November 15, 2018
Closing Date and Time: December 12, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
Contact: Cindy Newell, Intake Services Manager


The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton (the “Society”) was established in 1894 as a not-for-profit charitable organization focusing on the well-being and protection of children. The Society is mandated under The Child Youth and Family Services Act of Ontario and, as such, is required by law to protect children from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and harm. The Society receives most of its operating revenue (approximately 92%) from the Province of Ontario, through the Ministry of Children & Youth Services. Other revenue is derived from Federal Government programs, property rental and fundraising activities.

The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton operates with the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors. The Society has approximately 270 employees (professional Social Workers, support and administrative staff), 530 children in care, and 187 foster, kin care and group care homes.

The Children’s Aid Society is on a journey of growth and awareness as we learn more about the legacy of oppression, marginalization and cultural genocide in the province of Ontario towards Indigenous people, particularly within the child welfare sector.

Our sector has agreed upon the 9 key commitments listed below:

• Reducing the number of Indigenous children in care
• Reducing the number of legal files involving Indigenous children and families
• Increasing the use of formal customary care agreements
• Ensuring Indigenous representation and involvement at the local Boards of Directors
• Implementing mandatory, regular indigenous training for staff
• Imbedding Jordan’s Principle in service practice and the interagency protocol
• Consulting with Indigenous communities to develop a unique agency-based plan to better address the needs of the children and families from those communities
• Continuing to develop relationships between the local agency and the local Indigenous communities
• Assisting those individuals wanting to see their historical files by accessing and providing the information they request

We are guided by the knowledge and expertise of Indigenous leaders and organizations in the Hamilton community as we continue this path towards Truth and Reconciliation.

At the Society, there is an internal committee dedicated to Truth and Reconciliation focusing on building relationships with the local Indigenous community and creating awareness, education and training for staff regarding the history of colonization of Indigenous communities as well as Indigenous traditions, culture and beliefs. The Agency also has representatives on the Indigenous Child Welfare Collaborative in Hamilton. We acknowledge we are at the beginning of this journey and we have much to learn and change.

The Society embraces an anti-oppressive practice approach to providing child welfare services and support in the Hamilton-area community. We place priority on our commitment towards equitable outcomes for all children, youth and families who come into contact with our agency – particularly those who are overrepresented in the child welfare system.


The Society will enter into an agreement with a consultant to fulfill the requirements of the attached Description of Services to Be Provided, see Appendix A.
The Society has budgeted $23,333 excluding HST, to enter into a contract with a consultant for the period Jan 28, 2019 to March 31, 2020. At the end of this period, the program will be reviewed and may be renewed for an additional period ending March 31, 2021 The fee will include all services provided and no additional charges are expected.

The Society will provide office space for a consultant.

Requirements for the Consultant

• Provide their own equipment (laptop, cell phone, transportation).
• The consultant may be working in the community and should be willing to meet with both Society staff and service users.
• The consultant will be expected to keep their own notes except in the case where there is a worker present.
• The consultant shall be responsible for their own insurance
• Any material created on the behalf of the Society shall remain the Intellectual property of the Society with credit given to the author.
• The consultant will provide monthly invoices

The consultant’s services will support and be an advocate for Indigenous children, youth and families involved with The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton. The priority of this position is to repair the relationship between the Indigenous community in relation to the family and the Society by challenging the Society’s organizational policies, procedures and practices using Indigenous knowledge, customary laws, traditions and belief systems. The consultant will collaborate with The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and youth, while supporting the strengths of families and their communities.

Specific objectives for 2019 to 2021

• Short term objectives

o Environmental scan – Perform an environmental scan to identify available community services and what is in place at the agency that would inform the work plan.
o Terms of Reference – Provide terms of reference with input from HEDAC outlining how the consultant would collaborate with the Indigenous community and the Society
o Plan – Develop a collaborative work plan to meet the objectives

• Medium term objectives

o Consult with Society staff at key points while providing service i.e. at the onset of investigation, at the point of case transfer, prior to bringing children to a place of safety and/or initiating a court application, when reviewing a placement or permanency plan.
o Identify and facilitate referrals to Indigenous community services, resources and programs that may be beneficial for staff and service recipients
o Maintain and share quarterly statistics with the Society regarding the above objectives

• Longer term objectives

o Connect children and youth in care with the Indigenous community and relevant services and supports
o Increase knowledge of Indigenous traditions, beliefs and values among Society staff
o Outcome plans for service recipients will be more reflective of the lived experience of Indigenous families


Proponents must submit:

Summary of relevant experience of the Individual

– How long have you been providing services to Indigenous children, youth and families and in what capacity?
– Have you previously provided consultant services for non-Indigenous agencies? If so, provide an example.
– Provide an example of a time your have engaged with a child welfare agency in the context of providing service. Describe what went well as well as any challenges encountered in working together.
– Please share any relevant work experience from previous employment?
– Share what you anticipate would be the biggest challenge in this role?
– Tell us about your connection with the Hamilton Indigenous community

Service Plan

– Although the RFP refers to this position as a consultant, as part of your proposal please include a title that you feel is best suited for this position or program.
– Outline in a detailed plan how you would achieve the short-term objectives and generally how you would achieve the medium and long-term objectives.
Hours per week
– Include any details regarding specific days per week or timing of work as well as where the consultant will be working from (i.e. on site at the Society or working from offsite location)


The submission is to be submitted to the individual noted below on or before the closing date of December 12, 2018 at 1:00 pm
Submissions shall not be accepted after the closing date. Proponents may not make modifications to their submissions after the closing date and time. Submissions can be sent via email. For submissions sent via email an email confirmation will be returned to the sender. If you do not receive a confirmation email by December 12, 2018 at 1:30 pm, please contact Cindy Newell at 905 522 1121 Ext 6366

Address Submissions to:
Cindy Newell, Manager Intake Services
26 Arrowsmith Road, Hamilton ON L8E 4H8
Email – [email protected]
RFP # 2018-02 – Indigenous Consultant


To ensure fairness to all proponents, all questions that require detailed clarification or that may materially alter this submission shall be submitted in writing (email form is acceptable) by November 28, 2018

The Society reserves the right to not respond to any questions after this date.

Should any error, ambiguity, divergence, omission, oversight, contradiction, or item subject to interpretation be identified in this submission, the proponent shall, as it is discovered, notify the primary contact (in writing) requesting instruction, decision, direction or clarification of same. The primary contact will determine the extent of resolution required.

Questions and requests for clarification can be directed to:
Cindy Newell at [email protected]
Any revision to this RFP will be issued as an addendum to all proponents.

The proponent hereby declares by submitting a bid that they do not and will not have any conflict of interest, actual or potential, by providing a submission.

The proponent acknowledges that they have carefully reviewed this RFP, including all other related relevant documents, and understands the scope of work proposed; further, they confirm that their submission is based entirely on the terms, specifications, requirements and conditions as set out in the RFP document.


Each response to this RFP will be evaluated by an internal Evaluation committee. Proposals will be evaluated based on all information provided by the Proponent at the time of submission as well as any additional clarification information requested. The evaluation will consider experience of the consultant and the Service plan outlined in the proposal. The evaluation will also consider the number of hours/level of service that will be provided for the set fee of $20,000 annually ($23,333 for the period running January 28, 2019 ending March 31, 2020).

Each Proposal will be reviewed to determine if the Proposal is responsive to the submission requirements outlined in the RFP.
The Evaluation Committee is comprised of individuals from the Society and Indigenous Organizations in Hamilton.

The Society retains the right to schedule finalist interviews. All Proponents may not be selected for an interview. If short listed for an interview, the Proponent will be required to make a presentation to the Evaluation Committee related to the credentials and capability of the Consultant, as well as an outline of the Proponent’s Service plan. The format of the interview will be a 30-minute presentation by the Consultant with a 15-minute period for the Evaluation Committee to ask questions.

The assessment criteria weighting outlined below will be used in the evaluation process. The highest scoring Proponent will be awarded the contract. Tie scores will be broken using a coin toss. In evaluating any of the categories, the score to be ascribed to the category or weighting to be ascribed to the category shall be determined by the Society in its sole discretion given that these are often subjective matters, that there is no requirement on the part of the Society to use any formulas or mathematical approach and that the Society’s opinion and assessment of each Proposal is to be determined by the Society in its sole and absolute discretion.

Issuance of this RFP does not obligate the Society to accept one or any of the Proposals received. Following the evaluation, the Society reserves the right to accept or reject any and all Proposals.

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