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Time StampDateTitleSectorTypeRegionPrice
1604966400November 10, 2020Transmission Lines Virtual Patrol – LiDAR ServicesPrivate SectorRFQON
1604275200November 2, 2020Pre-RFP Release Notice Fleet TrailersPrivate SectorRFPON
1601337600September 29, 2020Doc2628303751 – PR 3010930485 – lead dust abatement for Bays 3 to 10 : Beck #1 – Lead Dust Abatement, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ONPrivate SectorRFQON
1600128000September 15, 2020RFP – Remotely piloted Aircraft systems (RPAS) ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1593129600June 26, 2020RFQ – Wooden Survey StakesPrivate SectorRFQON
1592438400June 18, 2020Doc2471913517 – Road Shaping and Paving – Clarington TS and Enfield TSPrivate SectorRFPON
1591833600June 11, 2020Doc2460902573 – RFP- DLZ1 Boring and Excavating- Woodstock Primary Rehab ProjectPrivate SectorRFPON
1591747200June 10, 2020RFP: Doc2428802818 Fleet Light Duty VehiclesPrivate SectorRFPON
1590710400May 29, 2020Fleet Light Duty VehiclesPrivate SectorRFPON
1587945600April 27, 2020Doc2388459763 – 3010880103 – Perimeter Fence SystemPrivate SectorRFQON
1586304000April 8, 2020Doc2352372642 – Port Colborne – Remediation ExpansionPrivate SectorRFPON
1585180800March 26, 2020HYDRO ONE – Doc2336992899 – PR 3010860009 – MANHOLES FOR HAMILTON GAGE TSPrivate SectorRFQON
1581811200February 16, 2020Encased Micropile Foundation – Toronto Don Fleet – Metrolinx Electrification ConflictPrivate SectorRFPON
1578268800January 6, 2020Title of RFQ: Doc2184070156 – PR 3010816279 – HVAC Contract Servs – KleinburgPrivate SectorRFQON
1576195200December 13, 2019Doc2148560370 – LINE POST STRUT INSULATOR ASS’Y – NEPEAN ON – PR 3010760970Private SectorRFQON
1574985600November 29, 2019Request for Proposal (RFP) # 2094971682 – Engineering, Procurement & Construction of a Building for the GIS & Protection and Control Equipment at Bruce B SubstationPublic SectorRFPON
1573516800November 12, 2019Doc2087061734 – HVAC System for M/C #3&4 BuildingPrivate SectorRFQON
1572912000November 5, 2019Corridor Management Services Ottawa RegionPrivate SectorRFPON
1572825600November 4, 2019Doc2070001474 – Design, Procurement and Installation of Encased Micropile FoundationsPublic SectorRFPON
1571961600October 25, 2019Doc2053744022 – Design, Procurement and Installation of Encased Micropile Foundations.Private SectorRFPON
1569974400October 2, 2019AR/FR Safety ClothingPrivate SectorRFPON
1567468800September 3, 2019Waasigan Tx Line Training and Skills Development Program (TDSP)Private SectorRFPON
1562803200July 11, 2019Rentals of UTVs, ARGO, Snowmobiles & Open-deck TrailersPrivate SectorRFPON
1562025600July 2, 2019Ventilation System for Hawthorne TSPrivate SectorRFPON
1562025600July 2, 2019Air Transportation – Passenger and FreightPrivate SectorRFPON
1560729600June 17, 2019Environmental ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1553126400March 21, 2019Directional Road Boring ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1553040000March 20, 2019Doc1697025893 – RFP Synchronism Check Device (SCD)Private SectorRFPON
1552348800March 12, 2019Tripwire Enterprise and Whitelist Profiler ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1549497600February 7, 2019Diesel Fuel Delivery – All-Season RoadPrivate SectorRFPON
1545264000December 20, 2018Grid Edge Battery Energy Storage System PilotPrivate SectorRFPON
1544486400December 11, 2018Creative and event mgmt services for experiential campaign on electrical safetyPrivate SectorRFPON
1541030400November 1, 2018Doc1492017030 – Supply of a Specific Tunnel Engineering DesignPrivate SectorRFPON
1530662400July 4, 2018Supply, Installation and Commissioning of HVAC SystemPublic SectorRFPON
1529971200June 26, 2018Doc1333621938 – EA Software EngagementPublic SectorRFPON
1525996800May 11, 2018RFP – Vegetation Management ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1525305600May 3, 2018Buffet and Catering ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1521590400March 21, 2018Doc1260530275 Supply of ForkliftPublic SectorRFPON
1521417600March 19, 2018Instrument Transformers RFPPublic SectorRFPON
1519776000February 28, 2018RFP – Landscaping Martindale TSPrivate SectorRFPON
1519603200February 26, 2018RFP – Supply of Rubber-tired Loader BackhoePublic SectorRFPON
1516665600January 23, 2018Supply of Two-man cab Tracked Carrier with a flat deck (optional dump box), GVWR approximately 24,000 lbs.Private SectorRFPON

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